Monday, March 16, 2015

Seeing Green

As we all celebrate our inner leprechaun tomorrow, perhaps to raise a glass of Guinness or to dance an Irish jig, here is a post in the spirit of green.  And there is nothing greener than a dollar.

image source
One of my guilty pleasures is sneaking into the Dollar Tree from time to time. It’s so crazy cheap! But I gotta tell ya, the folks at the helm of that place have done one heck of a job on their branding. A trip there serves up a good lesson in just how to do it. In fact, one doesn't even have to go inside to be clobbered over the head with their brand as their building advertises it to everyone going by.

Photo by Elizabeth Brown
Once inside in the parking lot, I notice their shopping carts are green.

Photo by Elizabeth Brown
Their stanchions are green.

Photo by Elizabeth Brown
Inside, green stripes painted on the floor serve as path finding.

Photo by Elizabeth Brown
Green signs tell just where to find my junky treasures.

Photo by Elizabeth Brown
And obviously, their employees are “a wearin’ the green” every day, not just to honor St. Patty.

Photo by Elizabeth Brown
After being drenched in all that green it’s a bit of a relief to drive by AutoZone and be brainwashed by their colors.

Photo by Elizabeth Brown
 Oh wait! That’s another commercial.  Stay tuned.

As an architectural color consultant, I dwell in the world of color each and every day, wherever I go, always exploring.  Let me bring my findings to you.

Monday, February 2, 2015

The Spirit House- Each a Singular Sensation

Photo by Elizabeth Brown
People wanting to put their own stamp on their place call EB Color for help.  In fact, many of the homes started out as mere cookie cutter boxes drenched in builder’s beige inside and out. Together, through the use of color, we've come up with their personal palette, unique to them, not just what’s there by default or what seems to be trending. Yeah, each color consultation is pretty much sheer improv, but luckily, I know my notes.

And it seems to be no different with the spirit house.  In my travels to SE Asia, I've always been smitten with spirit houses, miniature houses or temples erected and sited auspiciously to house the protective spirits of the land, home or business. They are everywhere!  The more I started looking at them, the more I became delighted by the singularity of each one, revealing the originality of its owners.

Yes, there are store bought spirit houses, 
image source
which are beautiful in their own right, but it was the home made ones that really charmed me. Or sometimes it wasn't about the structure itself, but the colorful sashes, garlands of orchids, leis of marigold, turning each and every one into an art form.

This is the spirit house at Jim Thompson's House, a beautiful oasis in the middle of Bangkok. I love the understated elegance of the symmetry, embodying the refinement of its former owner and his remarkable house.
Photo by Elizabeth Brown
In contrast to the free form of these garlands.

Photo by Elizabeth Brown
I love these colorful sashes! I wish I knew their color significance.

Photo by Elizabeth Brown

I should submit this one to Erin at House of Turquoise. For some reason, the spirits seem to have a particular fondness for cherry pop.

Photo by Elizabeth Brown
But it was when I headed over to Laos that things really started to get interesting. Check out this ingenuity. Used lighters - who knew?

Photos by Elizabeth Brown
I love the little clumps of sticky rice as an offering in this little ediface.
Photo by Elizabeth Brown
Obviously, this owner reads Dwell.

Photo by Elizabeth Brown
I love the juxtaposition of the white lily with the industrial chic motif.

Photo by Elizabeth Brown
These folks must be channeling their inner farmer.

Photo by Elizabeth Browm
Some people make it work no matter what,

Photo by Elizabeth Brown
Using whatever they've got on hand.

Photo by Elizabeth Brown
And then, when I went to Viet Nam, the spirit houses were altogether different.This one appears to be a stage,

Photo by Elizabeth Brown
while this one has sliding glass doors to protect the spirits from the elements.

Photo by Elizabeth Brown
And most decidedly, here's a spirit house outstanding in its field!

Photo by Elizabeth Brown

I could go on and on and on like I did last year when I crazy over all the gates in Bangkok.
But I think you get the idea. 

Whether you live in a small house,

Photo by Elizabeth Brown
or a big one,

Photo by Elizabeth Brown
let's get together in person or perhaps you prefer an online color consultation to give you the color that is yours.

Elizabeth Brown  206-353-0454

Monday, January 5, 2015

Lively Up Your Office!

Do you often wish that your office environment was not dull and mundane? Do white walls dampen the spirits of your employees, stinking up the place in a miasma of mediocrity resulting in lackluster performance? It does not have to be this way! Get your moxie on!

In yet another online color consultation, EB Color Consultants had the privilege of choosing office color for Pronto Marketing’s 7th floor expansion in Bangkok, Thailand.  

In a city that erects purple skyscrapers and where hot pink taxi cabs are the norm, color is never the adversary. As it should be, it is your friend.

So when asked to help Pronto inject some life into their newly expanded office space, I was thrilled. Any company that greets its employees with a purple cow expects greatness from them upon entering. As their color consultant, I was up to the challenge.

I listen to my clients and this is what the creatives at Pronto had to say:  We want a place where people walk in and feel that it's a happy environment. It should be energetic, but relaxing. We do quiet work here. It should say that Pronto is a fun and creative place.” 

So, with that in mind, a spunky red entry catapults its arrivals into the rest of the space, certainly an invigorating way to start the work day. 

This entry also serves as the hub around which the other areas radiate. 

The rest of the space is equally divided, with a quiet work area conducive to concentration and attention on one side and a lively lunch room and recreational area on the other.

The quiet desk areas are painted in a mid-tone gray. It’s cool, soothing and ideal in terms of visual ergonomics, resulting in no glare or areas of high contrast.

But enter the other and color quickly enlivens the employees for recharge. Tangy green for the rec room...

 and tangerine orange walls for the kitchen serve as such a catalyst.

Here you can see, employees at play after a productive day providing excellence in online presence for customers around the world.

To further make the point that Pronto is a fun place to work, Bangkok street artist Alex Face was commissioned by its owners to adorn the walls, adding even more levity to the atmosphere.

A nice balance was achieved between calm and lively, serious and fun, work and play with the simple application of color. Let EB Color help your offices – in person or with a consultation online.   206-353-0454

Thursday, October 23, 2014

If You Color It They Will Come

The courtship behavior of Bower Birds has always fascinated me.

Image source

These crafty, clever avian creatures in Australia erect elaborate structures and decorate them to the hilt. These “bowers” are not nests, but ornate edifices built to attract a mate. And…it works. Take a look at some of these intricate, beautiful constructions created with the mere biological intention of wooing the lady birds. 

Do human males do the same thing? In the past eight years, I have had a lot of single male clients. And in my experience, what they’re after is the antithesis of the man cave. Bachelors, divorces, widowers alike all have had one thing in common. They wanted to create a personal space embracing the use of color. Now whether on some primordial level, they are doing so to attract the opposite sex is beyond me and the scope of this post, but funnily enough, over the years I have seen significant others enter their lives after their homes were embellished.

Here are a few images showing how I helped some male clients use color to enhance their space.

This music room adorned with C2-730 “Churchill” is now a haven for creativity.

Benjamin Moore AF -225 “Firenze” helped create a cozy nook.

Benjamin Moore HC-91 “Danville Tan” is a beautiful and warm living room color for this fellow.

The warm- cool combination of Benjamin Moore 1578 “IcedMarble” and HC- 44 “Lenox Tan” in this man’s home is the foundation for more decoration, if he chooses.

Now here’s a gentleman who has his priorities straight! J

Whether you’re single or married, have a large family or small, it doesn’t matter. EB Color Consultants understands the needs of everyone in Seattle and beyond when it comes to color.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Exterior Colors Not to Reason Why

People come to EB Color (that would be me) because they are planning to paint their house and want it to look great. It is understandable that one would seek such guidance because for many, it can seem a formidable task - expensive and scary.  EB removes the angst.

Some call me who are looking to sell their house and appeal to wide breadth of potential buyers. We accomplished just that on this home with the rich colors of Benjamin Moore - a neutral  "Ashley Gray" body, "Georgian Brick" sashes for accent color, "Wenge" shutters for punctuation, trimmed out in "Indian White".

Photo and color design by Elizabeth Brown

Some have strong existing elements to work around.  These clients had inherited a colored walkway, an integral part of the landscape, yet it clashed with the existing house color. Now painted  in Sherwin William's Roycroft Pewter the house complements the entry instead of fighting it.

Photo and color design by Elizabeth Brown

Others want rich exterior color without it getting too gaudy or, heaven forbid, breaking the law of chromatic distribution.   Sherwin William's "Rookwood Jade" provided just enough colorful oomph without going overboard.

Photo and Color Design by Elizabeth Brown

Some clients want to visually rearrange the balance of architectural elements using color. Check!

Photo and color design by Elizabeth Brown

And others, like girls, just want to have fun!

Photo and color design by Elizabeth Brown
No matter your reason, EB Color is at your service.  Believe it or not, it can fun.    206-353-0454-